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Empowering the Empath

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Empowering the Empath

Monthly classes aimed at teaching individuals with the gift of empathy, spiritual discernment, acute intuition, also described as "sensitive" or "feelers" how to gain, regain, and maintain a knowledge of self apart from exterior impulses. Students will learn proven skills and practices regarding touch, transference, and self-preservation as well as how to control the gift, rather than be controlled by the gift. In an environment of others with shared experiences, learners will glean best practices for "grounding" and "releasing." Regardless of faith practice or lack thereof, Empaths or "highly sensitive" individuals populate our world with varying degrees of sensitivity. Knowledge of how to best navigate this gift is imperative to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If ever in or near Columbia, SC register to attend in person at http://empoweringtheempath.eventbee.com/ .
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